Electrical & Avionics Systems Design

Power Distribution Installation Design:

  • Creating of main aircraft logic diagrams, electrical load analysis
  • AC and DC Electrical System Design
  • Loaded Buses Design
  • Circuit Breaker Panels’ Electrical Design and Mechanical Design in concert with Mechanical Designers

Lighting System Installation Design:

  • Design of essential and nonessential lighting circuits
  • Flight Compartment Lights, Panel Lights, Cabin Lights, Exterior Lights and others

Avionic Installation Design:

  • Intercom and Interphone
  • HF, VHF, UHF, VOR, DME, GPWS and others

Wiring Harness Electrical design

  • Development and maintenance of basic cable/wire harness detail and assembly designs
  • Assistance with engineering design disposition on discrepancies
  • Development and maintenance of basic electrical product detail, assembly and installation designs according documented processes, specifications and procedures that support the design and manufacture of electrical commodities.
  • Collecting of data to support the development of Statements of Work; assisted in Data Gathering of Supplier Capabilities.
  • Review of functional and physical Input used in the development of integrated design and system architecture.